AppSmart helps you manage your customer on-boarding process. Through workflows, scoring and automated lending criteria, you can manage new customers efficiently and profitably. Using AppSmart, you will reduce operational hours and administrative costs, while increasing the effectiveness of your credit strategy. Like all Qarar applications, it is completely customised to your business and easily integrates with your core software systems. You can also use it through a diversity of channels such as your desktop, laptop, mobile device or online.

User configurable and customisable

Local language configured, including Arabic

Allows for roles and permissions to be defined

Pre-configured industry best practice workflows

Fully secure web-based interface

Real time decision-making on applications

Easy integration with core software systems

Comprehensive and flexible reporting

Easy interface with external and internal data sources

Local support and a fast turnaround time


  • Competitive advantage – helps you make the most of your marketing spend and make consistent, real-time decisions for new customer applications
  • Revenue enhancement – through AppSmart you will get the maximum benefit from every customer interaction, including cross and upsell opportunities
  • Market differentiation – you will be seen as innovative and responsive to customer needs
  • Operational efficiency – AppSmart can be implemented onsite or as a fully-maintained and secure hosted application with a minimal impact on resources


DecisionSmart is a credit management software that provides real-time decision outputs. Decisions are made according to lender-determined strategies such as policy rules, easily maintained through a graphical user interface. You can deploy scoring, segmentation, policy rules, decisions and actions/terms of business without impacting any data capture or workflow system. You can treat each applicant or customer as an individual and deliver fast, accurate, consistent and appropriate decisions. Using your choice of multi-channel delivery (desktop, laptop, mobile device or online), the software’s decision-making outputs will help you react quicker to changes in lending policy or legislation, and form strategies accordingly.


Unlimited analytics

Integration and interfaces

Affordability calculations

Bulk application import

Internal fraud management

Designed for industry standard hardware platforms


Can be installed on-premise, or off as a hosted solution

Comprehensive and flexible reporting

Local support with a fast turnaround time


  • Complete control – business users can test and manage business strategies before deployment across the organisation
  • Reduced costs and streamlined processes – you can reduce external checks and deploy key resources to concentrate on strategic, rather than tactical challenges
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty – by developing and deploying consistent strategies/actions, and upselling/cross-selling opportunities
  • Reduced bad debt and overall risk exposure


CollectSmart is a fully-configurable modular collection solution. It applies collections policies and actions in an automated and structured process. Within a multi-channel environment (desktop, laptop, mobile device or online), the business user is in full control via an intuitive interface. CollectSmart enables the segmentation of customers and groups for differentiated actions. It gives you the tools to control revenues, costs and losses to maximise your return on investment.

Real-time work status monitoring and MIS reporting

Customisable for local markets and language

Parameter-driven for client control

System-controlled, full audit capability and flexible segmentation

Straightforward integration and interfacing to core software systems

Easy interface and real-time integration to internal and external databases

Fully configured, secure, deployed and supported

Can be installed on-premise, or off as a hosted solution

Comprehensive and flexible reporting at both a macro and micro level

Local support and a fast turnaround time


  • Improved profit – effective automation and implementation of strategies
  • Improved cash flow – prioritised customers, earlier collections and recovery, increased customer rehabilitation
  • Cost reduction – more effective staff deployment through improved automation
  • Enhanced customer service – applying the most appropriate strategies through enhanced customer knowledge


BureauSmart enables you to extract the most valuable credit bureau and third-party data. You can acquire data real-time, as well as bulk data as part of a batch service. As with all Qarar applications, you can use BureauSmart through a diversity of channels such as your desktop, laptop, mobile device or online. The software license includes an initial configuration to your requirements, with two days onsite deployment and testing by Qarar consultants. Support and ongoing knowledge transfer are also provided as part of a support and maintenance agreement.

LAN/WAN supported. Runs on any TCP/IP network. Supports VM and cloud-based deployments

Designed for industry standard hardware platforms

Online data archive containing the most recent records

Pre-configured web-service giving you access to applications and user interfaces

Pre-configured database structure enabling ease of operational access and retrieval development tools, allowing simple and efficient software development

Fully-secure – customer information is %100 protected from external threats and viruses

Can be installed on-premise, or off as a hosted solution

Comprehensive and flexible reporting at both a macro and micro level

Local support with a fast turnaround time


  • Competitive advantage – managing data in a more timely and cost-effective manner
  • Market differentiation and responsiveness – the ability to quickly test new product/customer segments on stored/managed data. Being innovative and responsive to market demands

Our Partners

The Leadership team

The vision and leadership of Qarar`s executive team has seen the company from its founding, and has enabled Qarar to become the region’s leading advisor and solutions partner to deliver data-driven decisioning in the Middle East. The executive leadership team continues to innovate, staying true to the company's mission to provide extensive hands-on practical experience in delivering advanced analytics enabled solutions to several multi-national firms across the world.

Zaid Kamhawi

Chief Executive Officer

Nico van der Westhuizen

Chief Operating Officer

Riaz Jassat

Director, Consulting

Jaycee Wolfswinkel

Sales Director



  • Middle East expertise & regional track record

  • International
    know how

  • Localised Decision Technology

  • Agile
    & responsive

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