Segmentation and modelling techniques applied to bureau data can bring you new insights into consumer behaviour, which will help you launch strategies targeted to each customer, whether it is for marketing, management, or recovery.

Portfolio Analysis for Cross Sell

Our cross sell portfolio analysis can help you target a consumer with the right product at the right price and terms, by learning about their risk profile, debt capacity and requirements. The analysis can also be applied to your existing customers, to identify those who are likely to take up new products.

Portfolio Analysis for Account Management and Retention

This portfolio analysis can help enhance your credit limit management strategies whilst maintaining the risk that you take at loss appetite levels. You can increase limits to your profit, reduce potential losses through targeted limit reductions, or identify customers at risk of attrition through the monitoring of external activity levels.

Portfolio Analysis for Collection and Recoveries

Bureau data outlining a customer’s overall performance and risk profile with credit instruments across the country can be combined with internal data and modelling and segmentation techniques to provide you with strategies for effective collection and debt recovery strategies.