Advisory Solutions

Utilise our expertise

Tailored advice from our consultants to predict consumer behaviour

Gain from a wealth of research and insight into banking and consumer credit

Qarar’s advisory services can help your business utilise the data-driven culture to predict consumer behaviour and improve decision accuracy. Our consultants can provide you with the best resources, unparalleled local market insights, and top-notch research and expertise in retail banking and consumer credit management, to reduce your risk and increase credit profitability.

Facility of local support with fast turnaround time for any issues or queries.

Can be installed on- or off-premise as a hosted solution.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting at both micro and macro levels.

Fully secure, and customer information is always protected from any threats.


A tailored checkup for your business

Our healthchecks have been designed to examine any business risk in detail across all aspects of the consumer credit lifecycle, from customer on-boarding to debt recovery. You can choose to review your entire credit lifecycle, or certain specific functional components. You will be provided with a series of recommendations and a roadmap detailing your financial risks, if any.

Reduction in operational expenses generated through the evolution and fine tuning of policies and procedures concerning all steps of the lifecycle.

Compares current operations and strategies through the credit lifecycle against market best practice.

Identifying requirements for a programme of automated decision making and workflow.

Training and Learning

We offer comprehensive training programmes in analytics, portfolio management, and credit risk concepts and practices for retail banking and consumer credit professionals. These programmes cover the complete consumer credit cycle, at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. We have also partnered with BankersLab to provide you with simulation courses, course material, activities, case studies, and mobile learning applications.

Our courses are delivered by practitioners with local roots and global experiences, and packages can be configured to include both classroom and online learning.

Align your HR Department with objectives and individual employee levels of engagement.

Optimise the utilisation of training budgets.

Use competitions to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

RiskMentor Services

Our RiskMentor service gives you access to industry risk experts across various disciplines to provide you with analytical and advisory expertise. You can use this knowledge for a specific need in your business and implement any risk management improvement advice quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Application of resources from all fields of Qarar’s expertise, including consulting, analytics and software.

Reduced costs and flexible hours with outsourcing arrangement.

Use functional experts for specific issues, rather than permanently hiring a general expert.