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As per the UAE’s directive, the Qarar team is continuing to work regular business hours – albeit remotely. Please be assured it is business as usual and we are in full contact with our clients and partners. We are continuing to drive our projects forward, and delivering our expertise and guidance on credit risk management and advanced analytics to the banking and finance industry during this challenging period. We’re in this together.How can we help?

SOFTWARE Solutions

Automated data-driven decision making

Software solutions for every step of the customer credit lifecycle

Qarar’s SmartSuite risk management software is built to support you throughout the customer credit lifecycle.

It automates data-driven decision making to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve profits in each phase, whether it is acquiring customers, customer management, collections and recoveries.

There are four Smart software tools for each phase of the customer credit lifecycle, which are, AppSmart, DecisionSmart, CollectSmart and BureauSmart.

Always customised to your business and can be conveniently integrated with your core systems and internal and external databases.

Accessible through desktops, laptops, mobile devices and online.

Facility of local support with fast turnaround time for any issues or queries.

Can be installed on- or off-premise as a hosted solution.

Configurable to local markets and languages, including Arabic .

Comprehensive and flexible reporting at both micro and macro levels.

Fully secured web based interface.

Definable roles and permissions.

  • AppSmart is a platform built on industry best practice software allowing you, the lender, to manage your new customers and accounts in the easiest possible way whilst managing all risks and increasing profitability. With the ability to integrate multiple scorecards, this software streamlines the customer on-boarding process to decrease the time and costs involved in its operation, allowing you to focus on credit strategy.

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      Consistent, real-time decision making for customer on-boarding.

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      Revenue enhancement with the ability of setting the right terms for each applicant.

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      Fast experience leading to increased process volumes for lenders.

  • For the next stage of the customer credit lifecycle, DecisionSmart is built for all the decision making functions required by a business, in managing customer applications and accounts. The software’s graphical user interface allows the lender to enter predetermined strategies to make decisions on customers It treats every applicant as an individual, while still developing the fast and accurate results expected of a decision engine. The user interface allows you to create and modify strategies with speed, allowing you, the lender, to react more quickly to changes in lending policies, legislation and/or situations.

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      Facility of affordability calculations and internal fraud management.

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      Delivers user functionality to create, amend and implement policies, either individually or collectively as decision categories, providing for easy maintenance.

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      Bulk application import and unlimited analytics.

  • The need for the increase in credit portfolios has led lenders to relax lending policies, giving rise to increased risk in these portfolios. Collection and recovery of loans is therefore as much a strategised function as customer on-boarding and decision making. CollectSmart allows lenders to set loan recovery strategies via a graphic interface, and allows for the separation of different types of customers for different actions. It gives lenders the best control over revenue, costs and losses, infallibly ensuring an effective return on investment.

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      Real-time work status monitoring and MIS reporting.

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      Parameter driven for client control.

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      Full audit capability and flexible segmentation.

  • BureauSmart, an online data archive, is the best way for you to extract credit bureau and third party data, both real time and bulk acquisition. The software is first configured to your specific business requirements, with two days onsite deployment and testing by our consultants. Further, you can obtain more support and ongoing knowledge transfer as a part of your support and maintenance agreement with us.

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      LAN/WAN supported, runs on any TCP/IP network, supporting VM and cloud-based deployments.

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      Microsoft.net development tools, allowing simple and efficient software development.

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      Ability to test new products and customer segments on stored or managed data.

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      Reliable and cost-efficient solution for managing and extracting more value from data.