What makes a good CEO?

In 2022, technical knowledge is not enough.  We are acutely aware that people leadership and communication skills that are now topping the list.  Empathy, agility, cultural awareness, flexibility and improvisation feature that strongly in the new must-have skills.  With the new hybrid workplace and workstyle being rapidly adopted, these are skills that Qarar CEO, Zaid Kamhawi, firmly subscribes to.

Zaid was recently interviewed by The Silicon Review and named as one of the ”30 Best leaders to Watch 2022”.  In this article, he shares his career trajectory and Qarar’s evolution towards ensuring companies can stand out from the crowd.

Read the full interview here: Accelerating Digital Lending: Qarar, a Top-Rated Decision Analytics Company, Continues to Expand its International Footprint (thesiliconreview.com)