April 2019, Qarar Consulting, the leading  Decision Analytics company in the ME is honoured to receive the Excellence in Finance Companies Award at theFiNext Conference, Singapore.

Data is a driver of modern business, containing key insights, value and revenue opportunities. Businesses are finding that staying at the forefront of their sector depends on their ability to generate and effectively use information. In addition, data allows organizations to better understand customers and their spending behaviours, a fundamental need to ensure success in today’s competitive marketplace.

In particular, the banking and finance world is undergoing a massive shift in terms of digital transformation, a movement that is only accelerating. Qarar Consultancy maintains a laser focus on the retail banking and lending sectors, continuing to build a core competence and continually-growing expertise in this sector. Qarar helps clients achieve strategic and sustainable success built on a solid foundation of state-of-the-art modelling techniques and statistical methodologies, while also offering a personal touch and customized approach to individual customers. In this way a close and strategic partnership is developed, to ensure optimal market positioning as well as to address long term goals for business growth based on solid business insight.

The FiNext Conference provided a platform for thought leaders in Finance to come together, Qarar was recognized for Excellence in Finance – Companies. All nominees were evaluated by a judging committee on 5 parameters:

  • Company Vision
  • Industry Impact
  • Spirit of Innovation
  • Future Readiness
  • Market Demand

Zaid Kamhawi, CEO of Qarar, comments:

We are proud to be recognised for our role in the finance industry. Over the past 6 years Qarar has become a leading force in helping banks and consumer finance companies in the Middle East region apply advanced analytics to data to extract predictive power but more importantly to implement and automat these decision to drive business performance.

About Qarar

Qarar is the region’s leading Decision Analytics company specialized in offering consulting, decision analytics and software technology to deliver tailor-made customer management and process automation solutions. Headquartered in Dubai and serving customers across the Middle East and North Africa, Qarar helps its clients solve business challenges and achieve sustainable business outcomes. We achieve this across the customer lifecycle by employing the right mix of predictive analytics, and market experience-based advisory and decision technologies. Qarar’s expertise spans Strategy, Pricing, Credit Risk Management, Marketing and Sales Analytics.

Press Enquiries

Malini Rosenthal, Head of Marketing, Qarar, Email: m.rosenthal@qarar.org, Phone: +971 4 3759363

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