Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11 June 2018: Qarar, a leading regional decision analytics company, announced its predictions for the World Cup winner,four semi-final teams and Round 1 outcomes for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Data preparation was a critical step and the basis for executing these predictions.  Using advanced machine learning algorithms, a combination of historic and near-live data including recent performance, world ranking, listed odds, and player performance was used to predict the possible outcomes of each round and the final winning team. So far, Qarar is the only decision analytics company predicting match by match outcomes.

Qarar applies the power of machine learning and the principle that past performance is a strong indicator of future behaviours by evaluating vast amounts of data, analysing information and identifying trends.  Qarar`s team of data scientists built a highly intelligent framework for predicting the 2018 FIFA World cup outcomes.

Rudraksh Singh, Qarar’s Senior Data Scientist said “The model was built by simulating an environment as indicative of the environment for the world cup. We then applied RFM algorithms as the dynamic machine learning approach, as team and player performances are dynamic in nature, Once the data and models were ready, we applied what’s known as the shadowing approach to determine the target outcomes since fixtures are designed in a way such that favourite teams do not meet in early rounds”.

Qarar`s Top Predictions for 2018 FIFA World Cup outcomes are listed below:

2018 FIFA World Cup Winner: Brazil

Top four teams in the Semi-finals: Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Spain

Round 1 Prediction: Download PDF

Qarar’s machine learning model was validated on an out of time sample data using K fold cross validation, giving more than 75% accuracy level.

Zaid Kamhawi, CEO of Qarar, concluded:  “One of our main drivers for this predictions initiative was to demonstrate the power of data science over gut-feel to predict outcomes, while  at the same time applying our passion of data and analytics to something fun that everyone enjoys. Our predictive models were built on more than 2000 points of historical match data. However due the number of human variables that can impact any match we will be updating our prediction after every match to provide an increasingly high probability of our predicted outcomes.

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