Qarar and DataCheck Announce Partnership to Transform Credit Decisioning in Pakistan

Qarar, a leading provider of credit risk management solutions in Dubai, has partnered with DataCheck, a premier Pakistani credit bureau, to offer state-of-the-art credit decisioning solutions and analytics to lenders in Pakistan.  The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver innovative and integrated solutions that enable lenders to make faster and more accurate credit decisions.

Through this collaboration, Qarar and DataCheck are introducing advanced technologies and multiple scoring models that ensure speed, accuracy, and objectivity in credit decisioning. These products and services allow lenders to instantly scale their operations without the need for additional analytical and technology resources, resulting in significant cost savings.

One of the key benefits of this partnership is that the solution is developed, deployed, and maintained by Qarar at the credit bureau. As a result, lenders can pay as they go, avoidingexcessive CapEx and HR resources that are typically required to manage and maintain scorecards and solutions. This approach provides lenders with greater flexibility and agility in responding to changing market conditions and customer needs.

The partnership between Qarar and DataCheck offers a game-changing opportunity for lenders in Pakistan. By leveraging Qarar’s expertise in credit risk management and DataCheck’s rich data assets, lenders can gain a competitive advantage by making faster, more informed decisions on credit applications.

“Qarar is excited to partner with DataCheck to deliver innovative solutions to lenders in Pakistan. Our partnership will enable lenders to make better credit decisions with greater speed, accuracy, and objectivity,” said Zaid Kamhawi, CEO of Qarar.

Tariq Jan, MD of DataCheck said “I am delighted to see this partnership take root. I see it as a milestone in credit reporting that will allow us to offer hosted solutions and analytics to lenders in Pakistan, at the bureau level. It will result in major efficiencies in credit risk mitigation, at an affordable cost.”

Junaid Khatri, Regional Sales Head, GCC and Pakistan, at Qarar added “Qarar is committed to making a positive impact in the markets we serve, and I strongly believe this partnership with DataCheck will go a long way in promoting financial inclusion and enabling the growth of digital lending ecosystem in Pakistan.”

In conclusion, the partnership between Qarar Consultancy and DataCheck brings together the best of both companies to deliver cutting-edge credit decisioning solutions and analytics to lenders in Pakistan. The joint offering allows lenders to make faster, more informed decisions on credit applications with greater accuracy, objectivity, and cost-efficiency.


About DataCheck

DataCheck is Pakistan’s leading consumer credit bureau that pioneered credit reporting in Pakistan in 2001. It is the bureau of choice that provides a range of information services to banking, microfinance and fintech sectors of Pakistan. It maintains the most comprehensive database of default and inquiry information on individuals.


Zaid Kamhawi, CEO, Qarar and Tariq Jan, MD, DataCheck sign partnership agreement in Karachi, Pakistan (March 2023)