Dubai, UAE, 16 December 2018: Qarar Consulting, a Decision Analytics company and Cognitro Analytics, an AI and Predictive Analytics company, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. As part of the agreement, Qarar and Cognitro will provide combined AI and advanced analytics programs to organisations in the region looking to build their analytics center of excellence, identify value-based use cases and build internal analytics capabilities.

Regional government, private companies and financial institutions are embarking on a digital transformation journey. As they revamp their IT systems and processes and upgrade digital infrastructure, a massive wealth of structured and unstructured data presents an unprecedented opportunity to gain visibility into the entire customer and citizen experience, and to leverage advanced big data analytics to support operational and strategic decisions. As a premier provider of decision analytics solutions, Qarar aims to assist regional clients in creating an intelligent approach to decisions and business results.

Bridging the divide between raw data and intelligence through a variety of innovative data science techniques is the core business of Cognitro Analytics. From designing and executing advanced big data strategy to creating targeted and cost-effective analytical machine learning models and deep learning techniques that produce actionable insights, Cognitro Analytics has been pioneering a variety of methodologies for the past decade that have helped business and government organizations worldwide realize significant and measurable predictive value from their data that proved essential to their strategic and tactical decisions. Cognitro and Qarar are joining forces to bring these advancements to the region across a variety of sectors, including applications.

Zaid Kamhawi, CEO of Qarar comments:

“Advanced Data Analytics are complex concepts and AI is a highly specialized field; both are providing unique value for guiding management decisions. We see huge opportunities for public and private sector institutions motivated to become citizen- and customer-centric, enhance provisioned services and at the same time significantly improving operating efficiency. Cognitro complements our portfolio of smart technologies and will play an important role in driving the intelligence of our customers forward.”

Amjad Zaim, CEO of Cognitro adds:

“Cognitro is very excited to partner with Qarar, especially as AI and data-centric customer analytics gains attention, momentum and increased adoption in the region. Cognitro brings advanced analytics at scale to Qarar customers, and Qarar brings a wealth of market experience, industry leadership and credibility, as well as strategic positioning that complements our approach.”

About Qarar

Qarar is the region’s leading Decision Analytics company specialized in offering consulting, decision analytics and software technology to deliver tailor-made customer management and process automation solutions. Headquartered in Dubai and serving customers across the Middle East and North Africa, Qarar helps its clients solve business challenges and achieve sustainable business outcomes. We achieve this across the customer lifecycle by employing the right mix of predictive analytics, and market experience-based advisory and decision technologies. Qarar’s expertise spans Strategy, Pricing, Credit Risk Management, Marketing and Sales Analytics.

About Cognitro Analytics

Cognitro’s team consists of world-class data scientists and well-seasoned business consultants capable of unlocking mysteries and insights from corporate and open data. Congitro constantly looks for new ways to push the analytics rigor of industries and o rganisations, democratize AI and data science and bring advanced analytics to transform business and industries. They have built an enviable reputation in the AI space, solving complex problems across healthcare, insurance, finance, security, telecom, retail and transportation sectors.

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