The Power of Embedded Finance in the Middle East

Transforming every business into a fintech

What is your vision for the future of the financial services sector in the Middle East?  Is it business as usual, relying on credit cards and traditional loans — or are we poised for a massive transformation in the lending sector?   We believe a shift is taking place — and in the Middle East we are on a trajectory for rapid change in consumer finance solutions thanks to the power of Embedded Finance fintech solutions.  We already have many early adopters leading the way.

Now is the time to be the bank that is embedded into every company’s offering.  And to be the service provider that embeds finance into every product offering.  Don’t get left behind!

Do you want to be part of this transformative revolution?

We invite you to register for our B2B webinar exploring the power of Embedded Finance technology and applications

Tuesday 15 June 2021
2pm KSA / 3pm UAE

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With a speaker panel from SIMAH, BankersLab, Qarar, and A1 AI, they are already experts in the world of Embedded Finance and will be sharing their knowledge and experience to help your organisation get started on the Embedded Finance route to market.  You will discover:

  • How Embedded Finance can accelerate your business growth and streamline operations
  • The role of banks in working with service providers
  • Emergence of a new breed of super-Apps loaded with products such as insurance, travel etc.
  • How to create new products and services by implementing Embedded Finance
  • How to create a ‘’Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) service through credit cards and embedded finance
  • How the underwriting process works
  • Case Studies: Real-life success stories about banks who have successfully integrated Embedded Finance – and are already reaping the rewards

Sign up for the webinar now and let’s work together to put the Middle East firmly on the map as pioneers in the adoption of Embedded Finance offerings across the region.

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