Message from Qarar

As per the UAE’s directive, the Qarar team is continuing to work regular business hours – albeit remotely. Please be assured it is business as usual and we are in full contact with our clients and partners. We are continuing to drive our projects forward, and delivering our expertise and guidance on credit risk management and advanced analytics to the banking and finance industry during this challenging period. We’re in this together.How can we help?

Credit Bureau Data-Driven Solutions

Data that works for you

Focus your customer recruitment and management strategies on the right targets

Qarar’s extensive bank of credit bureau data can be used to develop customer management strategies and mitigate credit risk exposure. This can help your business meet demanding customer acquisition targets, decrease costs, identify and recruit profitable customers and maintain balance transfer penetration.

The common features of our credit bureau data-driven solutions are:

Facility of local support with fast turnaround time for any issues or queries.

Can be installed on- or off-premise as a hosted solution.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting at both micro and macro levels.

Fully secure, and customer information is always protected from any threats.

Portfolio Analysis using Bureau Data

Segmentation and modelling techniques applied to bureau data can bring you new insights into consumer behaviour, which will help you launch strategies targeted to each customer, whether it is for marketing, management, or recovery.

Portfolio Analysis for Collection and Recoveries

Combine bureau data with modelling and segmentation techniques for effective collection and debt recovery strategies.

Portfolio Analysis for Cross Sell

Target consumers with the right products at the right time, and identify existing customers likely to take up new products.

Portfolio Analysis for Account Management and Retention

Targeted credit limit modifications and identify customers at risk of attrition by monitoring external activity levels.

Benchmarking and Reporting Services

Qarar uses its industry and market data to develop periodical banking and finance industry reports, which can help you gain unique insights on portfolio performance and how you compare to your competitors across different metrics in the credit lifecycle. This will enable you to make better informed decisions on strategies for marketing and credit risk.

Accurately determine market share and industry benchmarks across broad range of metrics and rankings.

Time series of performance with respect to competitors.

Granular analysis for transactional credit products in the market.

Bureau Score Analysis

A bureau score is a highly predictive empirical scoring model, designed to evaluate credit risk based on a consumer credit bureau file. This score interprets the different types of data available and uses a range of predictive measures to provide an objective and consistent risk assessment. This will give you a statistical measure of the probability that a consumer will meet their payment obligations. These scores can be used to increase your acceptance rates or reduce risks that you take.

Enhanced decision making process and profitability.

Greater level of automation in interpreting credit data.

Improved portfolio management performance through better qualification.

Software Services​

Qarar’s SmartSuite risk management software is built to support you throughout the customer credit lifecycle. It automates data-driven decision making to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve profits in each phase, whether it is acquiring customers, customer management, collections and recoveries.

There are four Smart software tools for each phase of the customer credit lifecycle, which are, AppSmart, DecisionSmart, CollectSmart and BureauSmart.

Always customised to your business and can be conveniently integrated with your core systems and internal and external databases.

Facility of local support with fast turnaround time for any issues or queries.

Configurable to local markets and languages, including Arabic.

Fully secured web based interface.

Accessible through desktops, laptops, mobile devices and online.

Can be installed on- or off-premise as a hosted solution.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting at both micro and macro levels.

Definable roles and permissions.