Roundtable Discussion: Risk Transformation for 2020

October 24, 2017

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Date: Tuesday November 28, 2017
Venue: Four Seasons, DIFC

Are you Ready for the New Normal in Strategic Risk Management?

Over the years, organisations have made dramatic changes to their respective risk management policies. This has largely been in response to new regulations resulting from the on-going regional and global financial slowdown. As 2020 approaches, policies are set to undergo further changes as new trends and disruptions emerge. Changing regulations and ever-evolving customer expectations, supported by advanced analytics such as machine learning, are enabling the introduction of new risk management techniques.

Today, Qarar is spearheading a variety of initiatives that are leading change in this area – from leveraging regulatory compliance processes for enhanced business performance, to exploiting digitalisation and real-time risk evaluation. Analytics is changing the face of credit risk as we know it, with interest and investment in advanced analytics increasing for reasons ranging from compliance and regulatory expectations, to the need to stay competitive and minimise risk-related losses. Leading risk management practices continue to gain wider adoption and C-level executives are spending more of their time managing all types of risks. In preparation for 2020, it is time to fundamentally rethink your business model and expand your portfolio insights by exploring advanced risk analytics and decisioning techniques. This roundtable discussion will discuss the future of risk management strategies to align ourselves with the 2020 vision.

Qarar aims to remain at the forefront of anticipating disruptive forces, assist you in your strategy, and help you to take proactive steps to not only avoid being disrupted, but also to become the disrupters in your industry.

Discussion Agenda:
Key Priorities for 2020
Comply and Compete, The IFRS Revolution
Can Machine Learning Models add Value in the Credit Risk World?
The Role of Big Data in Transforming the Modern Risk Platform
An Alternative Approach to Scoring

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Note: This event is by Invite-only. Pre-event registration is compulsory.