Join Qarar at the EFMA 2017 Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon

June 15, 2017

Date: July 6 2017

Venue: Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace

We are pleased to announce our partnership with EFMA at the 2017 edition of their Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon.

Efma’s upcoming Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon will congregate Godfathers from local and global banking ecosystem, with the aim of paving the way forward for disruption and innovation within banking industry. Efma is offering a stimulating platform for leading tech and banking professionals to present their success stories, engage in interactive discussions with peers and discuss key issues facing the industry.

The conference program will feature numerous facets of retail banking including presentations, case studies and panel discussions on:
– Reimagining Digital leadership to beat competition
– Drafting clear plan to turn ideas into winning solutions
– Transforming customer experience by tackling absolute satisfaction level
– Delivering right products and services with in respect of the demand
– Fintechs becoming necessary tool for current banking needs?
– Is reinventing the only answer to succeed?
– Achieving high profit margins by targeting different segment with multiple interfaces
– Skills required from banks to gain a competitive edge
– How the successful players are planning to transform the industry
– Evolve or become irrelevant?

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