Qarar is the region’s leading Decision Analytics company specialized in offering consulting, decision analytics and software technology to deliver tailor-made customer management and process automation solutions.

Headquartered in Dubai, serving customers across the Middle East and North Africa, Qarar helps its clients solve business challenges and achieve sustainable business outcomes. We achieve this across the customer lifecycle by employing the right mix of predictive analytics, market experience based advisory and decision technologies.

Our experienced team of Business Consultants, Data Scientists and Software Engineers will provide you with the best guidance and optimal decisioning technologies, enabling your organization to leverage your data to capture latent revenue opportunity. In effect, we will set you on course to become an organization where decisions are driven by data and actions are optimized for the greatest return using predictive analytics.

Our subject matter expertise spans the domains of Strategy, Pricing, Credit Risk Management, Marketing and Sales Analytics. In addition, by harnessing the power of proprietary credit bureau data, we have built a tangible advantage and offer a suite of industry leading technical solutions for our clients that can unlock the true value and power of their information.